Adrenaline vom Draufgänger "Allie" is a medium sized, athletic female with very correct structure. She has a thick nerve, good food drive, good ball drive and displays a very upbeat and engaged picture in obedience. Her tracking is calm and methodical, and she handles challenges on the track with a collected attitude. Her grips are always calm, full, and hard. She takes pressure exceptionally well. Not only is she a very fun girl to work in IPO, but she is also a very versatile, "utilitarian" dog. Allie lives in the house with us, and is the dog I can take anywhere and have fun with dabbling in other sports as time permits. We have two legs towards our RN and plan to finish the last leg this winter. We've played around informally with agility, and she has a blast. We plan to jump into PSA next year. She works consistently no matter the environment.

Mother of our C litter vom Draufgänger